Monday, March 05, 2007


FRIDAY – Backstage at Missoni. Teresa and Margherita Missoni pose besides actress, Eliana Miglio. Eliana has just written a book which she is currently promoting in bookstores around Italy. It’s called “La Grande Invasione delle Rane”, which translates as The Big Invasion of the Frogs. She is also making her first film debut as a director, called “Lezioni di Volo” or flying lessons, where she will direct her nineteen year old son by director, Marco Risi, Andrea.

Backstage at Missoni. After the show, Angela Missoni gets a touch-up from Mac make-up artist before a Full Frontal Television interview by Judy Licht.

Backstage at Missoni. The make-up for the Missoni show was designed by freelance artist Rahman for MAC The make-up was created for a sexy and sensual woman. Mac, also designed the make-up for thirty-one fashion show this season.

Note: Emina models the sexy make-up perfectly. Black eyeliner, eyes-shadow, with lots of mascara and fake lashes. Also note that there is no lipstick but lip conditioner.

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