Friday, March 30, 2007


EASTER – how about? A marzipan Easter lamb from the Pasticeria Fratelli Freni in Milan. Fourth generation, Carlo and Maria Freni run the Sicilian confectionery shop today. It is the first of its kind in northern Italy, selling typical hand made Sicilian sweets, mostly in marzipan in the shape of fruits. The windows, as you can see, are very photogenic and everyday foreign tourists gather in front to snap pictures. They made great souvenirs.
The Easter lamb bearing a Resurrection Banner, in the Catholic Church represents Jesus Christ Resurrected, therefore in Italy it is a typical Easter symbol.

Contessanally’s Easter lunch: I always cook a New Zealand leg of lamb on Easter Sunday. I make small incisions with a knife and stuff them with slivers of garlic and rosemary, then I drizzle it in extra virgin olive oil and a little salt and cook it. However, when I was watching Jamie Oliver "The Naked Chef" on Television, recently, he added anchovies to the garlic slits and then spread olive paste over it and covered it completely with branches of rosemary. So I think I am going to try that this year. I also always include an egg dish to start with. Last Easter it was, boiled asparagus sprinkled with chopped hard boiled eggs and home-made mayonnaise. Naturally, desert always includes a Colomba, which is a dove shaped spongy type Italian Easter cake. I, usually serve this with strawberries and cream. Followed by, small chocolate Easter eggs stuffed with chocolate mousse and topped by a strawberry and a sprig of mint.

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