Thursday, February 01, 2007

PARIS - A chocolate boutique

The Artist Chocolatier. Jean-Paul Hevin is one of the three master chocolatiers of Paris. His temple to chocolate, is a must stop on every chocoholic’s list. On the trendy Rue Saint-Honore, just a couple of doors down from Colette’s and just a few doors up from the Hotel Costes, this elegant boutique is decorated with dark warm counters and designer displays. How about taking a chocolate Eiffel Tower home, as an unusual yummy souvenir from Paris?
Jean-Paul Hevin tip:
“Chocolate must be enjoyed at room temperature, like a fine wine or a cake. You can recognize a fine chocolate by its dark, warm color and, most of all, its fragrance. As soon as a box is opened, the aroma must be bold, pervasive, delicate and insistent, all at the same time.”

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