Saturday, February 03, 2007

PARIS - Bar restaurant L'Eclaireur

At the Bar Restaurant L’Eclaireur. A detail of the bar area of the Bar Restaurant L’Eclaireur, the new hot spot in Paris for an exotic cocktail or for a meal simply assembled with the best fresh products. The decor is based on the 1950’s pastry shop in Milan, Dulciora, designed by Piero Fornasetti and Gio Ponti. Piero’s son, Barnaba searched the archives and, designed this marvelous trompe l’oeil decor. Black and white, as well as, tinted collages adorn the walls with drunken monkeys, stacks of playing cards, urns, cake on cake stands and a library full of books. Open from 11am to 2 am, you can hang out any time of day for a snack, a coffee or a tea, but don’t forget to try the cocktails, especially the unusual ones like; Cucumber Martini, Monkey Cane or Old Teenager.

Bar Restaurant L’Eclaireur – 10 rue Boissy d’Anglas – 75008 – tel:1 53 43 09 99

At the Bar Restaurant L’Eclaireur. Barnaba Fornasetti sits in a corner of the new L’eclaireur, bar and restaurant. For seventeen years, Barnaba has been selling the Fornasetti range to the L’Eclaieur boutique, the very first concept store in Paris. It was natural therefore, that when Martine and Armand Hadida decided to open a restaurant, they asked Barnaba to collaborate with them to design this unique and unconventional space, homage to the great Piero Fornasetti.

Detail: see how beautifully this silk Fornasetti waistcoat works well with tweed. In fact, it could look just as chic with grey flannel or even black tie.
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