Wednesday, February 07, 2007


photograph courtesy Fifi Chachanil

How About: a sexy black lace, over pink flowery nylon, padded underwire bra, called Bagatelle Rose from Fifi Chachanil? Fifi declares "The main function of the underwear we choose every morning is to turn us into a good mood. It is linked to our personal imagination and can be either excessive or sweet. It can express a natural frivolity that deals with insolence and lightness. Choosing one of my designs means that you want to see la vie en rose.” If you can’t make the Parisian Boutiques, Fife’s lingerie can be ordered online.

photograph by Gregoire Phulpin

How About: a pair of demure gant Parfum from Fifi Chachnil’s Autumn/Winter collection 2007/2008. The tailor-made gloves display Fifi’s medal and pink bow. They accompany the lace timeless parures. Fifi says “Matching your gloves to your lingerie, is the ultimate refinement in living l’amour avec les gants.”
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