Monday, January 22, 2007

FLORENCE - Pitti Uomo

Villa Victoria – Savile Row Showcase – Gieves and Hawkes. Gieves and Hawkes is located at No. 1 Savile Row. It is almost certainly one of the most famous traditional bespoke tailors in England. The business dates back to the late 18th century and was formed by the merger of two separate businesses, Gieves and Hawkes. It now provides bespoke as well as military tailoring. Mark Henderson, MD of Gieves and Hawkes and chairman of Savile Row Bespoke, told James Sherwood in an interview for the catalogue to The London Cut. Savile Row Bespoke Tailoring exhibition at Palazzo Pitti, “Military tailoring is an art form. The point of it is its extremely tight fit. It has to be perfectly made… is an immense challenge to make garments that are almost too tight. There is no margin for error…” The bespoke tailors have succeeded in satisfying royalty and rock stars, bankers and beatniks with the same mastery and skill. Famous customers: Admiral Lord Nelson, the Duke of Wellington, the Kings of Denmark, Sweden, Norway, King Hussein and King Abdullah of Jordan, (former) King Constantine of Greece, the Sultan of Brunei, Roger Moore (as James Bond), Sir Bob Geldorf, the Princes William and Harry.

Detail: Gieves and Hawkes. Bespoke suits in various stages of completion.

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