Wednesday, October 25, 2006

People - cook book authors. Seen at the Greenmarket in Union Square, Roy Finamore and Susan Simon with Allegra. Roy and Susan meet up every Saturday and walk to the Greenmarket in Union Square, not only for the fresh seasonal vegetables, but also to meet and chat to their friends in the food business. They bumped into; Hearth's chef, Marco Canora, Gourmet magazine's food editor, Kemp Minifie and Sfoglia's Ron Suhanosky. Roy Finamore's latest cook book is called Tasty. He is currently preparing a neo-classical Christmas menu for the new food website called Susan Simon, who is best know for her Nantucket cook books, is currently working on The Lombardy Kitchen, which will also include recipes by Italian celebrities from the worlds of fashion and design. She has recently been doing volunteer work for Spoons across America. Conducting tours of the greenmarkets of New York for school children to teach them about the importance of locally grown fresh products. I always enjoy the buss on market days in Union Square and love to shop for bread, jellies, flowers and fruit and vegetables.
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