Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Art It is so great to be back in New York and I just could not wait to go and see the Sky Mirror made by British sculptor, Anish Kapoor. It was the first item on my, to do list in NYC. It didn't disappoint me either, in fact it is awesome. The three stories high, 35-foot-diameter mirror is made of polished stainless steel and weighs 23-ton. It is brilliantly installed at the Fifth Avenue entrance to the Channel Gardens of the Rockefeller Center. It is placed so that the concave side reflects an upside-down view of the surrounding skyscrapers and on the other side, the convex side, the mirror reflects the busy street-scape of midtown Manhattan. Kapoor describes the Sky Mirror as a "non-object, a sculpture that, despite its monumentality, suggests a window or void and often seems to vanish into its surroundings." With such a perfect location it seems a pity that it can't stay there permanently.
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