Monday, October 30, 2006

The Apple Store - Fifth Avenue. The New Apple Store on 5th Avenue and 59th street is a modern temple to design and technology. The glass and crystal cube, which takes you below street level is open 24/365. Here is what my friend Joan Juliet Buck found when her Apple crashed and she had to go underground to have it fixed. “My Mac was having a breakdown. Unknown origin. We had an appointment on Monday night, at 11.20 at the Apple store on Fifth Avenue. A young man with ringlets looked at the computer. Like all the young people who provide technical support, he wore a t-shirt that said Genius. Men started cleaning the glass elevator and the metal walls and the glass steps shortly after midnight. We wandered around and looked at the multiple iPods and Macs, laid out on white tables. There were other people at the Genius Bar with their sick Macs. It was like being in a very grand hospital where all the doctors were teenagers. The young man--Elion--said he could fix the hard drive overnight. We left it with him at 2.20 a.m. The next day we found out the computers hard drive didn't make it through the night. I am bereaved.”
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