Saturday, October 14, 2006

MILANO - Fashion Week
Two very new restaurants and two bars, all in one - Gold. Situtated in DolceandGabbanaland, behind their office building and their theatre and not too far away from their stores in the centre, is the new first concept Dolce & Gabbana restaurant called Gold with a BIG O. I really should mention, that it is actually two restaurants, one is a bistrot (see above) open from 7.30 for breakfast right through to 2 am. and the other is a five star restaurant open in the evening. There are also two bars in the building, a regular coffee bar and a cocktail bar. The decor is gold, white, airy and so cool. It's called Gold, because gold is an upbeat sunny color. The color of energy, luxury and a new dolce vita, which also signifies a taste for beauty and for sensual pleasure. There is also an extensive smoking section, food, desserts and wines can be carried home in a chic gold shopping bags. But before you go home you must go downstairs to the toilets and see the surprise behind the doors of the loos.....Genius, bravo Domenico, who designed it with a pool of 20 architects. - Gold - Via Peorio 2/A - Tel: 027577771
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