Wednesday, October 11, 2006

MILANO - Fashion Week
New Boutique # 3 - Aspesi. At last, Aspesi has it's own boutique and the space is just magical. Situated on Via Montenapoleone, the windows display not clothes, but monitors and a sleeping polar bear, they look more like a gallery than a boutique. Aspesi's designer, Laurence Steel poses by a Kounnellis painting, it is one of the important art pieces in the store. The shell of the shop was designed by Antonio Citterio and the tongue in cheek decor is by Dirk Van Dooren of Tomato. The loft space is most unusually decorated with toy collections, a faux log cabin changing rooms and lots of art. There is a Commes des Garcons special section and the men's clothing is at the back in a vaulted room with marble columns and a magnificent Remo Salvadori circular fountain, where the water sprouts from tablespoons. The Aspesi brand is know for it's timeless designer sportwear "Something you can forget about in your closet and bring out time and again." Steel explains.
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