Thursday, October 05, 2006

MILANO - Fashion week
"Live" Press conference - Seduzioni Diamonds by Valeria Marini. It is now the trend for a designer to call a press conference before the show! Here, the voluptuous, showgirl/actress and designer, Valeria Marini is explaining to the daily press her second collection called Seduzioni Diamonds. While this is going on, behind me there is a TV camera recording every word and move. The press conference, as well as the fashion show later on were being filmed for the reality show Circus, an off shoot of Big Brother. Dressed casually in T shirt and jeans, the Italian sexpot had at least 20 K's on her wrists compliments of Damiani. Valeria told the press, "I design for beautiful and avantgarde women. I like hyper feminine women and just like I have done for my own image I put everything I like into the collection. I'm very happy that this is being recorded so the public can see how much hard work goes into designing and presenting a fashion collection."
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