Saturday, September 16, 2006

Palazzo Grassi - Gucci Group Award 2006. The selection committee for the first Gucci Group Award was composed of some leading creative personalities, including the bold and unpredictable fashion designer, Alexander McQueen, political activist and humanitarian Moby and award winning international actor, Jeremy Irons photographed above with mathematician, Sarah Laraki and chocolate entrepreneur Hermann Buhlbecker. "I have been on a jury before in Cannes and I spent a nice day and a half in LA watching all the films and I'm very happy that Nick Cave won." Irons said. Jeremy Irons was recently awarded an Emmy for best supporting actor in Elisabeth I. And, Helen Mirren got an Emmy award for best actress in Elisabeth I, she also won the best actress award at The Venice Film Festival for her portrayal of Queen Elisabeth II in The Queen directed by Stephen Frears. Dame Helen is the only actress to play both Queen Elisabeth I and Queen Elisabeth II and be awarded for both performances.
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