Sunday, September 17, 2006

VENICE - Giardini
10th Biennale of Architecture - British Pavilion. After a fun concert of the the Sheffield based rock-pop band, The Long Blondes and lots of beer, The British Pavilion was declared open. The exhibition called Echo City was developed under the leadership of Jeremy Till, it is an "urban register" describing Sheffield. There are four side rooms in the pavilion and they are designed so that each room reflects urban experience at a particular architectural and social scale; 1:1 Everything is more than a detail-1:100 A hundred everyday lives to one iconic architect-1:10,000 These are stories not streets-1:10,000,000 Here there and north of nowhere. Above is theTrish O'Shea and Ruth Ben-Tovim (Encounters) 1:1 room, it reflects the intimate scale of the three shop projects that they have been working on. "We didn't want to literally re create the shops or create an exhibition that was too far away from them either. Our exhibition contains traces, echos of the inner-city neighbuorhood of Sharrow shops; the stories, objects, journeys, animals that we collected, as well as, a new invitation to visitors to participate to leave their own trace. It was important for us that this invitation was at the heart of the exhibition and it will be interesting to see the response." They explain.
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