Sunday, September 17, 2006

VENICE - Giardini
10th Biennale of Architecture - German Pavilion.
The commissioners of the German Pavilion are Armand Gruentuch and Almut Ernst and the theme is Convertible City. On entering the German pavilion, visitors experience through large-scale images the scene of urban vitality and architectural variety. The city is staged as an inspiring field of possibilities. In contrast to the bustling main hall, the side wings offer a calm and inviting atmosphere for a more in-depth contemplation of the individual projects on display. These projects examine stimulating conversions in existing urban space situations, that enrich the dynamics and creativity of city life. They illustrate the exiting tensions that densification and transformation exert on architecture and the urban fabric, as well as, the sustainable use of the available potential of a vertically open periphery for new working and living environments.
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