Thursday, September 14, 2006

Ca Tron - Bollywood in Venice. Lively and stylish, Venetian, octogenarian, Giuliana Camerino started designing her fashion brand, Roberta di Camerino fifty years ago. It all started with a bag, almost by chance, followed by others, in a kaleidoscope of forms, colors and materials. In fact, she was the first designer to attribute a key role to accessories in a woman's wardrobe. Her creations feature the inborn style and class she conveys to all her work, united with a remarkable sense of color and a predilection for fine materials. Giuliana was the first to have a "logo", when nobody else did them, and she was the second only after Elsa Schiaparelli to do trompe l'oeil. In Fact she is showing her trompe l'oeil toiles inspired by Indian sari's next to original Bollywood film posters, in the exhibition Bollywood in Venice (until September 22nd) at Palazzo Tron. "They are a tribute to India. I wanted to translate the elegant pleats of the saris, I love so much, into occidental dresses." Pin It

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