Wednesday, July 19, 2006

photograph courtesy Missoni Press
Margherita Missoni, president of orphanage Africa Italia, is the advocate of the Love Beads, Sexy e Solidale Campaign by Missoni, made in Ghana. All the proceeds from this lovely belt will go the Orphanage Africa Onlus, a non profit organization, that helps the needy children of Ghana. Love beads are not only a symbol of feminality, but also a ceremonial ornament. Hand made, of very tiny glass beads, these belts are worn by the women of Ghana, traditionally next to the skin, hidden, as if they were an intimate part of the body. Every color has a particular significance, and the belts are worn in odd numbers only. Once worn, they should never be taken off. And, they have a strong sexual claim so, don't waste any time. You can buy the Love beads in all the Missoni Boutiques and support the needy children of Ghana. Orphanage Africa Onlus: Tel. 340 8715915 -

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