Sunday, July 02, 2006

The paparazzi. There are four paparazzi agencies on Island. The photographers roam the Piazzetta, the restaurants and the discos chasing celebrities. They work hard from seven pm to four am every day of the week. One of the main fun pastimes today is to go and look at the contact sheets and have your photo printed. Gaetano Cafaggi, of Foto Rosso started working with a German, 35mm, Voigtlander camera, way back when the Vesuvio volcano was still smoking. After being thrown a whisky and soda in the face by the legendary American filmmaker, John Schlesinger, he later became his personal photographer and rose to Capri paparazzi fame. Gaetano has stories to tell about all the stars, and believe me he has seen them all, but his favorite was Brigit Bardot, because she was so fresh and fabulous, he also loved la Loren, but wasn't too fond of la Lollo.
Foto Rosso - Via Camerelle 31 - Capri - tel +39 081 8377477
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