Friday, June 02, 2006

photograph courtesy Dr. Jack & Mr. Russell
11th June - Save the Date. Jack Russell Terriers, are my favorite breed of dogs. I could not live without one, because; they are tough, curious, foolishly brave and fiercely loyal. While varying in type due to a broad genetic background, they are all born with an indominatable spirit that holds the hearts of those that love them. It is this spirit that is the true essence of the JRT.* In, Northern Italy, the Jack Russell Terrier meeting is being held this year on June 11th at the Centro Ippico Etrea in Borsano near Busto Arsizio. Ten years ago, Maria Carolina Zanetti and Andrea Crosta di Moncalvo heroically started Dr. Jack & Mr. Russell, a club for JRT's. The meeting, or shall we call it a party, is an excuse to spend a fun day in the country together with other Jacks and their owners. There will be a cake and a hat competition, as well as, the exciting JRT racing competition, called coursing in Italy. So, don't miss it.
* taken from the JRT Calendar - JasperPublications, Inc. -

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