Thursday, June 29, 2006

Shopping for local products #1 Since Roman times, Capri has been famous for it's handmade sandals. It was the emperor Tiberio who first introduced them to the Island he chose as his residence and from there governed the know world. Since 1946, the chic-est ones can be found at the Canfora boutique. Where an amazing variety of original sandals with hundreds of styles and an infinity of colors greet you as you walk in. They are all handmade in leather and have fabulous applications of costume jewelry. Many famous customers have appreciated Canfora's creations, among these the unforgettable Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. More than once late at night Amedeo Canfora opened the shop just for the first lady, letting her choose her favorite sandals, he even made one exclusively for her called "K". Other members of the jet set who have shopped there are; Grace Kelly, Princess Margaret, Princess Caroline, Soraya, Maria Callas, Oona Chaplin, Sofia Loren, Clark Gable, Humphrey Bogart, Dawn Addams, Anita Ekberg, Naomi Campbell and many others.... If you can't go to Capri this summer, don't worry, you can order them on the internet......happy shopping. Pin It

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TravelMuse said...

Love your blog! I was looking for Jackie Kennedy's favorite sandal shop on Capri and found it here. Your Capri posts were great.