Friday, June 30, 2006

After a pizza you must get an ice cream from this typical kiosk, right in the center of Capri on the Via Vittorio Emanuele, near to the luxury, Quisisana hotel. After the second world war, Costanzo Spataro could often be found along the lanes of Capri behind the wheel of his famous barrow, from which he sold the most delicious ice creams and crushed ice drinks to the tourists strolling leisurely around. The success of this enterprise inspired him to convert an old wood store into a small bar. Thus in 1952 the Bar Scialapopolo was born, Scialapopolo means, "come and have fun". Today the crushed ice drinks or granite, panini with the famous salsetta dressing, coconut and warm bread rolls, not to mention the exquisite mulberries all have one characteristic in common: the authenticity of the ingredients.
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