Monday, May 29, 2006

Museo Correr - Torre dell' Orologio. After ten years, the Clock Tower in Piazza San Marco was restored, by the Brandolin Dottor Group, for the structure and by La Maison Piaget, for the clock mechanism. Originally built, just over five hundred years ago, by the Ranieri brothers, legend has it that later, their eyes were removed in order to keep them from repeating such a wonder. While the Clock Tower was being restored, the scaffolding was covered with gigantic photos of famous towers from all over the world, the brainchild of photographer, Oliviero Toscani. (See Contessanally 31 March, 2006). Toscani can wink and take photos at the same time. Anything for a bit of fun. He said that the idea came to him while he was imagining the surprise on the faces of herds of Japanese tourists in piazza, looking up and seeing, Big Ben or the Empire State Building. He described the project as "An exercise in communication. A "faulty" trompe l'oeil."
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