Thursday, May 04, 2006

VENEZIA - PALAZZO GRASSI - highlights from the opening
"Where Are We Going?" a selection from the Francois Pinault Collection.
Jerome Zieseniss, who is president of the Comité Français de Sauvegarde de Venise, and is also on the Palazzo Grassi advisory board, rightfully noted that “This is the best solution for Palazzo Grassi which has international prestige and also for Venice. M. Pinault will continue in the tradition. Besides, it’s not easy to find a second Gianni Agnelli. Unfortunately, nobody in Italy came forward at that level.” Count Ruy Brandolini, photographed above with his wife Giorgina, is also on the advisory board, added “It’s most impressive and fantastic for Venice. I didn’t like the old décor before; this is so much better.” Francois Pinault hired world famous Japanese Architect, Tadao Ando to restructure the palazzo. Ando himself comments “I am astonished at how quickly, in less than a year, the restoration was done, which is unheard of in Venice. Standing here, I am moved by the contrast between the 18th century and contemporary art in this environment; it is something very new.”
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