Monday, May 22, 2006

An elegant dinner party in Chelsea. While we were in London our host and hostess, Sebastian and Elisabeth Roberts gave a black tie, elegant, delicous and very simpatico dinner party. I loved the tartan trousers or trews as they are called in Scotland, worn with dinner jackets. It seems, that it was the Duke of Windsor to start this fashion in the 1930's. On the left of the photo, is the Right Hon. Ian Chant Sempill, he is wearing the 'window-seat' Forbes-Sempill Tartan. It's called "window-seat' because the original tartan was used to cover the window-seats in Druminnor Castle in the village of Rhynie, in Scotland. Over the years, the tartan had weathered, with the sun and the light shinning through, and that is how it got it's unusual name. On the right of the photo, is our host, Major General Sebastian Roberts, he is wearing the Dress Macleod of the Isles Tartan. In the middle, sitting between them, is Sambuca, he is making sure that they don't drink too much Gregoletto Prosecco! Spaghetti boutique owner, fashion and lace designer, Nadia La Valle, who always has an eye for fashion, commented "They look very Alexander McQueen!"
Contessanally says "Please note, that it is considered very bad luck to wear a tartan that does not belong to your family." Spaghetti- 32 Beauchamp Place - SW 3 - tel: 0044(0)207 584 0631
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