Monday, May 22, 2006

The Victoria and Albert Museum - The Biba Ball. Molly Parkin and Jan De Villeneuve are old friends of Barbara Hulanicki, the creator of Biba. Molly Parkin, founded Nova magazine in the 1960's then moved into broadcasting and became a TV personality and a trend setting celebrity. She has also written many books and she also paints. Her first autobiography, Moll (1993), charts a life lived to the limits. She is currently working on her second autobiography called Seven Deadly Sins, "It's a kiss and tell, names and all." she told me. The book will be launched next year at The Chelsea Arts Club with an exhibition of her land and city scapes. Model, Jan De Villeneuve, remembers the Biba days "Entering Biba in the 1970's was a phenomenal shopping experience - everything from fashion to furniture and even the most unique baby clothes, including six different shades of diapers. It was wonderful and unconventional, yet priced for the masses. There has been nothing quite like it ever since."
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