Friday, May 19, 2006

Michael Hoppen Gallery. The Jacques Henri Lartigue show at the Michael Hoppen Gallery is fantastic. The photos span from, a photo of Biaritz in 1905 to a photo of Carnaby Street in 1967. My favorite was a photo of Pablo Picasso, Cannes, August 1955, bare chested wearing a bowler hat. As I was arriving I caught, Kelly Hoppen on her way out of he brother's gallery, the British interior designer has created a unique style that captures the spirit of the east while incorporating the best of Western design. Her books include Table Chic, Close Up and the highly influential title East Meets West. Her latest book, Kelly Hoppen Style, came out in 2004. She is currently working on Concept to Reality due out in 2007. "It is about visualizing how we live in space. It's about zoning. If you get that right, you live well. Too many people are worried about how it looks instead of being worried about how it 'lives'." She told me.
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