Saturday, April 22, 2006

photograph courtesy Cappellini
Rho-Pero - Cappellini. WhenTV influences everyday life. Giulio Cappellini staged an in-house reality show or Real House as he likes to call it. In the center of the Cappellini exhibition space, a circular glass crystal box re-created a house, with mother, father and kids. It was decorated with the Cappellini collection of furniture. Just to mention a few famous pieces inside; Tom Dixon's Pylon Chair, Shiro Kuramata's Revolving Cabinet, Marc Newson's The wooden Icon chair and Jasper Morrison's Elise bed. Giulio, is photographed above surrounded by "his Big Brother family". He said, that the installation was "A multicultural container in which design can be touch, heard and lived." Around the glass "house" the new Cappellini collection was displayed.
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