Sunday, April 23, 2006

Fuori Salone - Spazio Rossana Orlandi. A moment of relax. Known better as the "Design Brothers", because like the Blues Brothers, they always dress in black, Ola Rune and Eero Koivisto, two of the three, Swedish design team Claesson-Kiovisto-Rune, are being interviewed by Swedish TV for Staffan Begtsson's program "Basta Formen" or "The Best of Design". They are sitting on and surrounded by other Swedish products, designed by four talented women designers of Front Design. The pink lamps are called Lamp tree and the enlarged cushions, which can seat two, are called Big Pillows. Watch out...the Swedes are coming.
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Anonymous said...

They are not being interviewed by Swedish TV, they were being interviewed by me! I am a British journalist, I was interviewing CKR for the website


Anonymous said...

Ok, maybe the cameraman was Swedish.