Friday, April 21, 2006

Fuori Salone - Sawaya & Moroni. Paolo Moroni and William Sawaya are such old and good friends. Their dinners are unforgettable, not only for the food, a mixture of Italian and Lebanese, but also for the mix of interesting people and stimulating conversation. How I miss these evenings now that I don't live in Milan anymore. Standing behind the 2006 Maua Huni gigantic candleholders designed by Ingrid Gossner from the BaRock n' Roll Collection, Paolo, who runs the business and manufacturing and Wiliam who designs most of the furniture pose for me. The Candleholder was initially made by Sawaya& Moroni in 1992 as a limited edition in rough steel, today it is reproduced in five bright acrylic plastic colors and five sizes. It is their best seller, about 1700 pieces are sold per month. Bravissimi!
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