Tuesday, March 07, 2006

MILANO Pret-a-Porter
Zelens Creams. Lunch at Katherine Mondadori's with Marko Lens. I was lucky that they were both in town as Katherine is usually in NYC these days and Marko practices between London and Milan. I was dying to hear more about the creams. So let's get serious and let me be the first to tell you about these new incredible creams. Zelens Day and Night creams were created by Harvard and Oxford educated plastic and reconstructive surgeon, Dr. Marko Lens. The creams arise from Dr. Len's extensive research in skin cancer and they owe their anti-ageing properties to the fullerene C60 molecule, a powerful antioxidant that won its creators a Nobel Prize for chemistry in 1996. They also contain twenty other naturally-occurring ingredients. Marko won't have much trouble promoting the creams because, A) they are fantastic and B) they have already been endorsed by such Hollywood stars as; Melanie Griffith, Ursula Andress and by socialite Katherine Mondadori. He also has an impressive list of patients, amongst whom are clients who send their jets for him. And, the icing on the cake, is the beautiful "Zen-like" jar and packaging, designed by talented and internationally renowned Anouska Hempel or Lady Weinberg, for the social columns. You can buy the creams online or in London at Selfridges and in Milan prior to the Italian launch at Milano Make-Up. Health related greatest indulgences are: Nilufar's, Vazanine Yashar loves to indulge in beauty creams - socialite, Marchese Marta Brivio Sforza and New York Times, Stefano Tonchi both would like to spend more time at the gym - Pitti Immagine's CEO, Raffaello Napoleone's greatest indulgence is sailing - stylish, fashion and home retailer, Rosanna Orlandi and design consultant, Chiara Dal Canto Brandolini would both love to indulge in a Spa, but Chiara would also love to take with her Oscar winning actor, George Clooney!
www.zelens.com www.selfridges.com Milano Make-Up - Via Santa Margherita www.nilufar.com www.nytimes.com www.pittimmagine.com Rosanna Orlandi Via Matteo Bandello 14-16 www.georgeclooney.org
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