Saturday, March 04, 2006

MILANO Pret-a-Porter
Autumn/Winter 2006/2007 - Pucci. British actress, Sienna Miller, without her "on-off/off-on" boyfriend, Jude Law flew into Milano to support her friend Matthew Williamson in his first collection for Pucci. Backstage, before the show she had full model "treatment" of hair, make-up and change of clothes. She looked very attractive in her new mini Pucci-Williamson dress. Sitting next to her in the front row, Delphine Arnault, eldest daughter of Bernard Arnault, CEO of the luxury group LVMH of which she is also on the board of directors. Delphine's greatest indulgence is "My husband.", Alessandro Vallarino Gancia, heir to the wine and aperitif industry. Their marriage last year was billed as "the wedding of the year!" Whereas, Sienna's greatest indulgence is smoking like model Trish who can't give up " Coffee, cigarettes and rock and roll." And, English Vogue's Isabella Blow also indulgences in " Cigarettes, hats and lipstick." Whilst, Valentino's CEO Michele Norsa " I enjoy my cigars."
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