Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Look out for the "enfant terrible" of Indian fashion!
I'm sooooooooo excited. In a little corner of one of the most appreciated fashion boutiques in the world, Luisa Via Roma in Florence I found a new and exciting Indian fashion designer, called Manish Arora. It's not everyday that this happens and I have to "take off my hat" to the owner Andrea Panconesi as yet again, he has discovered and selected another authentic product from the collections of the leading stylists of the world. Delhi-based Manish Arora clothes are in the stores in Europe now after his first fashion show in London last Autumn as the special guest of the British Fashion Council. His clothes scream funk and attitude and loads of fun. "My clothes are all about colour. I don't believe in greys, and black and whites." "Fashion should be free, without boundaries, unfettered," he gesticulates. "At the same time, fashion should be rooted in the culture you come from. That's why pinks and purples and sea greens find such a huge place in my work". He designs clothes for pop star Daler Mehndi, VJs like Meghana Reddy, Sophiya Haque and Javed Jafrey. That's where they get their weird style from. It's Bollywood translated into Western fashion without "loosing it" along the way...... Fantastic!!!!
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