Friday, November 04, 2005

The Rubin Museum of Art. I wanted to leave New York (and you) with a beautiful image and here is the Red Wolf-Headed Mistress of Dakinis (Tibet 19th C.) painting from The Rubin Musuem of Art. I had forty-five minutes before lunch and before going to the airport, so I dashed across the street and walked into the old Barney's building in Chelsea where the six-story spiral staircase, which Andree Putman originally designed, centers the exhibition space. The collection consists of paintings, sculptures, and textiles that range in date over two millennia, most reflect major periods and schools of Himalayan art from the 12th century onward. The exhibitions are organized with particular care to assist viewers who are new to Himalayan art. Wall texts and interpretive panels supply aesthetic, social, and historical perspectives to both scholars and casual viewers. As I zipped through the museum I realized that I have to come back and spend a few hours and maybe have lunch in the cafe', because it's so interesting and the art is beautiful...I think it might, just, become my favorite museum in NEW YORK CITY?
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