Tuesday, November 29, 2005

ART # 1. Nowhere Gallery. Being Art Basel Miami Beach week, I want to concentrate a little on local talent over here. Orio Vergani is the founder and director of the Nowhere gallery right bang in the heart of Milan. This young man has a "heavy load" to carry as he comes from one of the oldest and most respected families of Italian journalists. His father, Guido, like his grandfather before him, who had the same name - Orio Vergani - were very famous and Orio senior was said to be ".....a curious person. Curious of everything. He possessed the curiosity, vice and virtue characteristic of journalists, who love first to know and then to go deeper, that is to analyze, dissect, understand." And it is after his grandfather that young Orio takes after, though his chosen field is art and not journalism. His gallery is called Nowhere, because at the beginning he didn't have an exhibition space and would show his artists in galleries belonging to friends. Orio has a good eye for talent regardless of style and, as you can image his artists are nearly all young and unknown until he launches them and - wait for it - next year he will be showing the works of Alessandro Rolandi at the 3rd annual China International Gallery Exposition (CIGE) in Beijing. Watch out, because there are no boundaries for Orio, he is certainly going places.
Nowhere Gallery - Via della Moscova 15 - 02 6552822 www.nowhere-gallery.com
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