Tuesday, October 11, 2005

photograph courtesy giorgio armani press office
of Giorgio. Giorgio Armani has always been very nice to me and I'm fond of him and admire his work. He is scrupulous in every detail and nothing escapes his eye. Here is the classic photo of the gran finale of "Re" Giorgio surrounded by his "courtesans".
THE ARMANIS Y MILANO DURING FASHION WEEK BECAUSE: Giorgio "My fashion show." Y Silvana "I can't wait till it's all over so I can go and relax in the country." Y Roberta "I'm more relaxed after the fashion show."

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Alessandra said...

You know Gorgio!! I loooove fashion...i hav a book with designs...u r too lucky...how do you know these people?? this is sooo cool, they are like my role models....also i'm from italy (ischia)its an island near capri!!
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