Monday, October 10, 2005

of the Missonis. There she is the beautiful ambassador of Missoni or as the New York Times calls her "the new improved 'it' girl - with manners", Margherita Missoni sits on the floor and concentrates on her mother, Angela's new collection. This feminine and pretty collection seems destined for Margherita's closet as well as the stars of Hollywood.
THE MISSONIS Y MILAN DURING FASHION WEEK BECAUSE: Angela "I don't know what's happening outside, I'm always in here with the collection." Y Rosita "I'm glad when the show is over, then I can relax." Y Tai "We have to try and give the city a bit of vivacity and movement." Y Vittorio "My fashion show." Y Margherita " As I live in New York, it' a chance to see La Mamma."Y Luca "It's an opportunity to see old friends."
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