Tuesday, August 02, 2005

photograph by Manfredi Bellati
BOLOGNA - Palazzo Angelelli
Dinner in artist Patrizia Medail's workshop/home, in palazzo Angelelli, is a feast not only for the food, but most of all for the eye. Her studio, which is also the ballroom, has lots of gilt, mirrors and stuccoes, it also doubles-up as the dining-room, where tables covered in grey satin and topped with old carpets are ardorned with luscious and dramatic center pieces. To reach the ballroom/dining room one has to go through a series of palatal rooms where her plush art blends in beautifully with the frescos, marble, silver and antique furniture of the palazzo itself. Patrizia Medail's art or "collages" depict exotic animals like polar bears, tigers, lions, royal eagles or elegant vases of flowers which are made from old braids, antique damasks, fringes, velvets and lace, they are as rich and stunning as their surrounding.
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