Wednesday, August 17, 2005

I love this photo and think it is so chic to have the old fashioned laundry box blend in with the turquoise walls while it is sitting on an antique chair in the hall waiting to be picked up. After lunch in the garden we are back in London for a light supper with Meredith and Jeremy. We saw Christie's Magazine, editor in chief, Meredith Etherington Smith in Venice for the Biennale but it was "yonks" since we saw her husband Jeremy Pilcher and had never met Bingo, the Norwich Terrier before. Everybody was in a lazy and relaxed Sunday p.m. mood and it was nice and cozy just to sit and sip champagne and reminiscence about people, place and the past before a delicious chicken salad in the kitchen.
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Alessandra said...

I loooove London. I lived there at one time. Its awesome. Come and chack out my site.!!!! Thanks!!