Tuesday, August 02, 2005

BOLOGNA - Alfred and Alice's Pre-nuptial Party
In her neoclassical villa, built after Napoleon's stay in Bologna, the mother of the bride, Marina Deserti Stori gave a spectacular pre-nuptial party for 500 international guests for the wedding of her daughter Alice to Alfred, Prince v.u.z. Liechtenstein. The party was mostly for friends of the parents. And, for that reason many had not met the bride or the groom, therefore they both amusingly wore the the insignia "I am the Groom" for Alfred on the back of his black tie - and - for Alice "I am the Bride", embroidered with multicolored silks, in the main European languages, on the skirt of her halter-neck ballerina-inspired beautiful white dress. Everything was perfect to the last detail; the food, the garden with it's gigantic tent, the tables and the chairs, especially monogrammed with double AA, the band and all the guests had a really great time, some dancing till breakfast at dawn.
As so many people came from out of town and from other European countries a whole weekend of parties was organized by friends of Marina: a Pre-pre-nuptial dinner in Palazzo Angelelli by Patrizia Medail Occioni Bonaffons - a Formal lunch by Nicoletta Maresca di Serracapriola - a Garden Party by the tennis court in Villa Impero by Maria Cristina Faccioli - a Picnic by Luca and Pupi Visconti di Modrone. It was such a great way to see and appreciate Bologna.
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