Saturday, July 23, 2005

Drinks - A good-bye drinks for our very distinguished miltary English (and Scottish) friends before their departure back home. Inspired by a Gordon tartan throw blanket on the back of an armchair, Lieutenant Colonel The Rt Hon Ian Chant Sempill, with the help of a belt improvised a kilt and treated us to superb highland dancing - a Strathspey Reel to the tune of The Gay Gordons. Ian was the last commanding officer of the Gordon Highlanders and marched them to the amalgamation with the Queen's own Highlanders. They are now known as just The Highlanders. It was a very entertaining evening, hopefully to be repeated next year. Grazie mille.
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David said...

You might not know that when we did the ceremony at Craigellachie Bridge (which straddles the Queen's Own Highlanders and Gordon Highlanders old recruiting areas, both COs had to keep drinking quaiches of whisky for the TV cameras etc. The press kept sayng 'one more time please Colonels'. I C-S and Hughie Monro were plastered by the time we marched off! Nice to see IC-S in form - did he remove his underwear as per Queen's Regulations 1975? If not why not?