Thursday, July 21, 2005

Get out your Blackberry and "Save the Date" - July 15th, 2006 - is the next Festa del Redentore - Christ the Redemeer. This is Venice at it's best and spectacular in a popular way....
Once upon a time, centuries ago in 1576, to thank God for the city's deliverance from the Plague the Venetian Republic built the Church of Il Rendentore on the Guidecca Island, it was designed by Andrea Palladio and Antonio Da Ponte. They also promised to make a yearly procession to the church on the third Sunday of July and since then a "boat-bridge" was built from gondolas strung together across the Lagoon from the Zattere to the Giudecca. Sadly, the bridge is now built by the military with metal beams. And, from three or four o'clock on the Saturday before any type of vessel that can float gathers in the basin of Saint Mark's to grab the best place to watch the spectacular firework display. There is not one square inch of water left, boats are 'back to back' people are feasting, drinking and partying waiting for the gran finale when the sky explodes illuminating the entire city from above. When the fireworks end at midnight the party proceeds to await dawn on the beaches of the Lido with more eating, drinking and partying. It is such an amazing experience, so..... don't forget to save the date.
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