Monday, June 20, 2005

Isola di San Giorgio - Missoni dinner - aboard their house boat Timoteo was the place to be - forget Peter Allen's 413 foot yacht party - the Missonis do it better, it's understated chic where all the food is brought from home and picked in the garden and cooked by the crew themselves on board. Even the eggs came from Missoni hens, but I hate to disappoint you, they are regular not rainbow striped!!!! Quiz: whose shoes are whose? Try and pair them together - hosts, Angela, Tai and Rosita Missoni - artist, Anish Kapoor - restaurateur and collector, Michael and Eva Chow - journalist, Princess Marina Pignatelli - China Pavilion curator, Cai Guo-Qiang - Art Basel curator, Samuel Keller - NYT's editor, Stefano Tonchi - N.Y. gallery owner, Nanette Kettner - Daily Telegraph arts editor, Sarah Crompton - photographer, Manfredi Bellati - Venetian architect, Matteo Corvino...........
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