Monday, June 20, 2005

Arsenale - Always a little Further
- the title of this exhibition of 49 international artists - curated by Rosa Martinez - is taken from one of the Corto Maltese books, a fictional character created by the Venetian writer and comic-designer, Hugo Pratt. Corto personifies the myth of the romantic traveler: always independent, always open to chance and risk, and always crossing all kinds of frontiers in pursuit of his own destiny. Taking a fictional character as inspiration is a way of affirming that art is an imaginary construct and that fantasy helps us towards a better understanding of reality. The exhibition Always a Little Further is not only an essay presenting artists and aesthetic trends relevant at the beginning of the third millennium but, also an ode to feminism. This is apparent when you walk in and are confronted by a big neo-classical chandelier made out of tampons by Joana Vasconcelos called A Noiva 2003! Pin It

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