Wednesday, May 25, 2005


Dessert on the roof terrace of Le Fondouk - this trendy new Moroccan cuisine restaurant - was a former merchant's hostel (fondouk) - for a change from the inevitable tajines we had
bijou briouates (little samosas) - pasta and fish brochettes - and - this simple - delicious fresh ORANGE DESSERT: cut up oranges and place in a mold - flavor with a bit of orange blossom water - unmold the "terrine" - place a scoop of orange sorbet and a slice of oven dried orange on top - et voila!
And - entre nous - the designer loos are also worth a trip.
Le Fondouk - 55 Rue souk Hal Fassi, Kaât Bennhadid - T 044- 378190. Pin It

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