Thursday, May 26, 2005

BIRTHDAY PARTY AT AL FASSIA - the women from Fez - is owned and run by sixteen women - the only male employee parks the cars -in Morocco the best food is eaten at home and cooked by the lady of the house - cooking is a woman's world - this beautiful and renowned restaurant is where the very local people come to taste delicate Fesian cuisine. We were lucky enough to be seated on - a cozy sofa around a low round table - in the private pagoda in the garden - made of celadon and dark red trelliss - which the birthday girl dreams of recreating on her terrace in the East Village! As Susan always keep a culinary diary when she travel - below is the an excerpt from her diary:
Menu at Al Fassia: Starters - assorted briouates - crispy pastries with various fillings, meat, rice, etc. - bisteeya -the famous Moroccan dish - pigeon pie, which is sweet and savory and these day, usually made with chicken - Agneau au fourre - baked forever lamb - until almost "buttery' and falling off the bone. It was fragrant with spices and slightly piquant. Garnished with salted almonds. Couscous with vegetables - Mark had a very good chicken tagine - as he doesn't eat red meat -Dessert - birthday cake! - was sweet bisteeya -crispy phyllo with sweet milk poured over it and topped with almonds - of course - mint tea -some of us drank Casablanca beer - A meal to remember...... The best was still to come and unexpected - all the staff came out and ululated a sort of - HAPPY BIRTHDAY - zrarit - a firey ceremonial "chant" with ''music " made by the sound by moving their tongues at the back of their throats. Amazing and quite moving - an evening to remember!
Al Fassia - 232 Avenue Mohammed V - tel 212 444 34 060
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