Friday, October 22, 2004

What is inside this Chinese take-out food container???
Jean-Georges Vongerichten new and trendy restaurant - Spice Market - in the Meatpacking District serves street food inspired by Mr. Vongerichtens travels in Southeast Asia in a casual and sexy atmosphere - delicious distintive tastes.......
So let's get back to the container above...... it is not a take-out but the actual 'bowl' in which the best ice cream -green tea - lemon ginger - passionfruit - blueberry lessi - durian -
comes to your table - I think this is a tongue in cheek take on his inspiration from the Vietnamese street markets and the Thai food stalls - it's just one of the cool and unusual details of this restaurant.
Spice Market - 403 W. 13th St - 212 675 2322 -
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Alessandro said...

I tuoi post sono sempre un pò troppo frivoli.......:)
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