Thursday, May 19, 2011

NEW YORK NEW YORK - Clic: Maripol Little Red Riding Hood

 Clic Gallery: Riding the Hoods With Maripol. At the opening of Maripol’s book Little Red Riding Hood at Clic Gallery in Broome Street, Maripol signed books with double pens for a great 3D effect. 
Happy Massee, Maripol and Jean-Michek Cazabat
Maripol moved to New York from France in 1976, where she became a part of the New York clubbing and music scene, styling Madonna and working on films such as Downtown 81 (starring Jean-Michel Basquiat and Deborah Harry). In the mid-1980s, she opened her own boutique, Maripolitan, in the NoHo area of New York. Maripol has also been art director on music videos for Cher, D'Angelo and Elton John, among others.

Calypso founder and Clic’s Christiane Celle and banker and philanthroper Andrew Drexel Allen

artist, Kenny Scharf  and  French Bull's Jackie Shapiro

 artist Jo grillo 

Jo is wearing Maripol’s fluorescent necklace for Marc Jacobs and the green ring is an original Maripol from the 1980s.

Cafe Select's Yesh Gyaltag 

Stylelikeu's Elfee Duquette, Ramona Canino, Marissa Kenneke and 1919's jewlery designer JoJo Americo

Jimmy the stylist's Jimmy Neda and life coach Janique Svedberg

creative writing student Becky McFalls

painter and photographer Nick Turner and collage artist Scott McBee

construction worker Amy Hutto